Uncovering the True Impact of Marketing Channels

Multi-Touch Attribution & Channel Optimization

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  • 50% increase in ROI
  • 30% lesser CPA
  • 40% increase in Revenue


Evaluating marketing channel performance for a FinTech SaaS product

A B2B SaaS company offering payment processing solutions for e-commerce businesses, aimed to optimize its marketing budget by understanding the true impact of various marketing channels on customer acquisition. The company struggled with evaluating channel performance and allocating budgets efficiently due to the limitations of traditional, single-touch attribution models.


  • Accurately evaluate performance of marketing channels

  • Optimize channel selection and budget allocation

  • Drive growth and maximize return on investment (ROI)


Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

DataDab worked with this company to implement a multi-touch attribution model that better represented the customer journey and provided a more accurate view of marketing channel performance:

Data collection and integration

DataDab collected and integrated data from various marketing platforms, CRM systems, and web analytics tools to create a unified dataset for analysis.

Model selection and customization

Determined the most optimal & customized multi-touch attribution model for the client, accounting for marketing strategy, sales cycle, and customer journey.

Attribution weight assignment

Weighted touchpoints in the customer journey according to their contribution to conversions, enabling a precise evaluation of each marketing channel's influence on acquisition.

Channel Optimization and Budget Allocation

Leveraging the insights gained from the multi-touch attribution model, DataDab helped this Fintech firm optimize its marketing channels and allocate budgets more efficiently:

Channel performance analysis

DataDab analyzed the performance of each marketing channel, considering factors such as cost per acquisition (CPA), return on investment (ROI), and the quality of leads generated.

Budget allocation recommendations

Based on channel performance analysis, we provided recommendations for reallocating marketing budgets to prioritize high-performing channels and maximize ROI.

Continuous optimization

We worked closely with the company to continuously monitor channel performance, adjust attribution weights, and refine budget allocation strategies to ensure ongoing optimization and growth.


Improved Marketing Channel Performance

DataDab's multi-touch attribution modeling and channel optimization strategies led to significant improvements in the client's marketing channel performance:

50% increase in ROI

They experienced a 50% increase in ROI within six months, driven by more accurate channel performance evaluations and optimized budget allocations.

30% reduction in CPA

The company saw a 30% reduction in CPA, as marketing budgets were shifted towards high-performing channels that generated better-quality leads.

Accelerated Growth

By leveraging the insights gained from multi-touch attribution modeling and channel optimization, this company was able to drive growth and improve its overall business performance:

40% increase in revenue

The client achieved a 40% increase in revenue, thanks to more efficient marketing investments informed by data-driven insights

20% growth in customer base

They experienced a 20% growth in its customer base, as optimized marketing channels attracted a higher volume of quality leads and new customers.

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DataDab's expertise in multi-touch attribution modeling and channel optimization has been instrumental in helping us uncover the true impact of our marketing channels and drive growth. Their approach has enabled us to make more informed decisions about our marketing investments and significantly improve our return on investment. 

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