The Marketing Team On Demand For Startups

Congratulations, your hard work is paying off! You’ve landed a Series A and are ready to build your team. DataDab's team of experts will help get the word out about your company.

It's time to hire your first marketing team but you don't have a clue how to manage them.

Hiring your own Marketing Team requires your undivided attention, know-how, and ability to build metrics systems from scratch. Let our experts give you a hand by leveraging our extensive experience with product marketing.

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A proven playbook.

Your CMO will use best practices, and templates for marketing calendars, budgets, website planning, positioning, etc. to get going fast.

Who will it help?

  • CEOs who need marketing leadership help fast to fulfill high growth expectations

  • SaaS companies that need an experienced, and affordable, CMO

How will it help?

  • SaaS marketing playbook based on 20+ successful engagements

  • Getting an on-demand marketing boost to go from MVP to Product Market Fit

You Ask — We Tell

It's never too early to get a little help

  • DataDab's Pre-Startup Plan's USP

    -Get help with key initiatives, challenges, organizational issues, and communications opportunities.

    -Get hands-on advice and assignments to get your Marketing going.

    -Meet with your executive marketing mentor weekly to discuss these things.

    -Make sure your team is on the same page, and keep them there.

    -Ad-hoc access to your mentor as things pop up during the week.

  • Why should I opt for this plan?

    - You'll be able to divide your time between your core business and other tasks, freeing up time you can spend with family, friends and colleagues.

    - You’ll have the confidence to make decisions without second-guessing yourself.

    - You'll receive access to a team of seasoned marketers who provide the expertise you need without having to hire them or deal with their salary, benefits and other overhead costs.

Pre Startup Tiers

Find the level of coaching that fits your needs


The monthly retainer for our Coaching program starts with a Mentor service, including the sharing of all SaaS B2B Best Practices. In this case, you do the work and our coach is focused on making your Marketing Leader successful.


If your Coach needs to take more ownership of marketing success our Coach will hold them accountable. We will take ownership to help your Marketing Leader deliver results. Think of this package as the Coach for a sports team who is held accountable for your marketing leader's success.


Finally, an Advisory Coach for your organization can own a specific project, and deliver results. This provides all the Coaching benefits, but will not only own a strategic project, but also participate in your Executive Team.

DataDab goes deeper than any other marketing consultant and brings a fresh approach to the B2B SaaS space. We focus on a few accounts and help you create the traction required for sustained, profitable growth.

Your Data Driven Marketing Partner

A process-driven marketing agency with a team of experienced and skilled marketers on hand to assist you with a wide range of solutions.
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    Proactive updates and check-ins mean you’re never in the dark.
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    Rapid Execution
    We execute in weekly sprints prioritized by time-to-ROI.
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    Predictable ROI
    Custom dashboard shows how we’re performing, down to the dollar.

Free Marketing Resources

Discover how you can maximize your marketing investment with these free resources, including guides to positioning, messaging, content marketing, templates, checklists, and more.