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Outstanding PPC management takes more than consistent effort—it takes well devised strategy. We combine high value keywords, ad messaging and on-site experience to drive sales.

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When you're looking for a fast return on investment, you'll want a pay-per-click marketing firm like DataDab to work with. Apart from the usual suspects like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media, and more, DataDab has years of experience in creating and managing a variety of marketing campaigns.

Although SEO is a great long-term growth strategy, you often need an immediate marketing push. DataDab provides PPC management, ensuring the $ you pay on your company is put to work.

There is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing the businesses of our clients thrive. It's frustrating for us to see organizations ineffectively handle PPC.

We create a clear and convincing message that blends the right keywords, ad targeting and user experience on site to maximize sales and get the most out of your campaigns. We also check and evaluate every part of your campaign, and optimize it rigorously from first click to final sales.

The consistent combination of PPC management, optimization, and analytics is how we help companies like yours... one click at a time.

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What Makes Our PPC Agency Different?

Multi Platform PPC Management

We integrate Google Adwords, LinkedIn, and Bing Ads to ensure that we expand our coverage to all-important advertising platforms.

Conversion Focused PPC

We take a strategic approach at incorporated pay per click marketing and conversion rate optimization to improve performance.

Personalized Ads & Messaging

We perform an in-depth analysis of historical performance and tailor our PPC campaigns to reach your target audience.

Granual Reporting

At-a-glance insights on your proprietary PPC dashboard mean you’re never left guessing about campaign performance.

PPC Management

PPC management means a marketer or a team of marketers managing the campaign of a company's pay per click advertising. This may be achieved by a group of in-house advertisers or outsourced to an outside firm.

A PPC agency usually takes care of the following tasks:

Keyword Research: The identification and targeting of unique keywords and search queries that are used by potential leads in your market.

Target channels: There are many paid ad platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, affiliate networks, and social media ads. The agencies help you decide which platforms should your campaign run on.

Regular Tracking: Tracking the effectiveness of campaigns and keywords ensure PPC yield a good ROI. The PPC experts monitor the search queries to discover the keywords more commonly used by the customers.

Competitive Analysis: Keeping tabs on competitors' ad ideas and strategies is crucial. Being aware of what the competition is doing, which search terms they are targeting and the ads they use give an edge over the competition. This all takes time.

Split or A/B Testing: Split testing or AB Testing is one of the most popular approaches for maximizing PPC ROI. To determine the most efficient solution, text, images, and other calls to actions should be changed and used.

Campaign Optimization: Tracking the campaign setup and refining it using keywords that are better performing. For instance, if 10 percent of keywords bring in most business, you might want to focus on those keywords to boost ROI.

Negative Match: Optimizing ad expenses by filtering out consumers matching a segment that imply they won't convert For example, a high-end fashion store could restrict its advertising to users in the top 10 percent of income. And a restaurant, would restrict ads to those within close proximity.

PPC management agencies have considerable expertise in ad management area. They can allow smaller online companies to compete with bigger companies.

If you fall under any of the categories below, you might want to consider the services of a dedicated PPC agency:

• If you are completely new to online advertising.

• If you don't have advertisement or marketing department in-house. 

• If you don't have enough manpower to effectively manage PPC.

• If you are unable to afford expensive software needed for efficient PPC management.

We get it, there are literally a gazillion companies claiming they can manage PPC for your business. And some of their claims can't be farther from the truth. So the key question is how to find some good reliable agency who can get the job done for you. Fear not. If you are vigilant enough and keep these simple things in mind, the chances of you being taken for a ride would be much lesser. 

• Ask the company how long has it been doing the ad campaign management. 

• Ask for the details of the specific person who is going to manage your PPC campaign and then go look him up on Linkedin. Check out his or his professional credentials and work experiences. 

• Always ask how many other ad accounts is that guy going to manage. Sometimes they are overworked. If that's the case, your campaign effectiveness will go for a toss. Typically a PPC manager handles between 5 to 10 accounts. Anything more than that is a red flag.

• Though most of the ad accounts managed by the agency will be bound by NDA, still ask for some sample PPC reports after omitting the private details. 

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