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DataDab offers full-service email marketing and design services for SMBs and startups.

Speed Up Your Sales With Emails

Whether you are a construction business or a small diner, you must use email marketing to keep in touch with the customers and stay on top of their minds. Send sales updates, weekly promotions and more to keep customers and prospects engaged in your company who are ready to make a purchase.

Your company will take maximum benefit of the email marketing with our digital marketing service. Save yourself time (and money for your company) by having our committed specialists to create, design, launch and manage your company's custom email marketing strategy.

Email marketing services offered by DataDab help you speed up the selling process. Email marketing is directed at taking your customers from one phase of the selling process to the next. We will send emails inviting customers, piquing their interest to perform the desired action, in most cases which is to persuade them buy the goods and services you offer. Our creative team will be producing personalized email copies that will help you close easily.  We can also build "drip promotions," or sequences of emails, to give the leads a regular stream of emails. Using our email marketing tools to boost the delivery process, save precious resources and leverage our professional crew.

Email Template Production

Email Marketing

Email Marketing 

Email Automations & Integrations

Email Marketing Capabilities

Email Marketing

The “who, what, when, and how” of your campaign. We will research your audience & determine who will be the best audience to target.

Lead Magnets

This consists of developing lead magnets, or offers, that incentivize people to provide you with their email ID in exchange for something of value.

On Site Calls to Action

This will help you convert your website visitors into email subscribers. The CTAs coule be website pop-up forms, sidebar forms, and more.

Email Reporting & Analytics

We'll send reports to breakdown your email marketing performance. Metrics like subscribers, open-rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Email Marketing FAQs

Worldwide, there are 3.8 billion email users, so if you're looking to find a way to reach your customers, email is the perfect place to find them. Mail produces an average of $38 for every dollar invested, which is a return on investment of 3,800%. 66% of consumers make a purchase as a direct result of email marketing. When it comes to acquiring customers, email is 40X more efficient than social channels like Facebook and Twitter combined. Amongst this all, the strongest argument to use email marketing is that you own the platform completely. There's no external body that can influence how, where, or when you reach out to your users.

We believe these are pretty good enough reasons for you to start email marketing asap.

Easy peasy. (Ok, maybe not that easy, but it's worth the hassle, trust us)

➡ Start with your buyer persona, understand what they want, and tailor your email campaign to your audience's needs.

➡ Gather some context before you come up with your campaign objectives. Research your industry's average email stats and use them as benchmarks for your targets.

➡ You need to come up with a way to make people sign up. Think through this step. Don't be discouraged when you have only a few people on your list. Every great thing takes some time. Meanwhile, treat each and every subscriber like royalty, and you'll start seeing your email list grow naturally.

➡ Email campaigns vary and choosing them can be overwhelming. Deciding between a bi-weekly newsletter, or maybe a weekly newsletter? Sending out new product announcements? Which blogposts to share in the email?

➡ Decide how frequently you want to contact your list, let your audience know what to expect, and adhere to a clear trust-building schedule so they don't forget you.

➡ No surprises here. As advertisers, we are all testing and measuring, always. Being thorough about metrics will help you make minor email changes which might produce great results.

Here are some brilliant email marketing tools you can consider using:

1. Constant Contact

2. Aweber

3. Drip

4. GetResponse

5. Convertkit

6. MailChimp

7. SendinBlue

➡ When you want to grow your business. Plain and simple. When you want to build better stronger connections with your customers through personalized engagement. 

➡ When you want to improve your business' brand awareness.

➡ When you want to leverage a new channel for marketing your product or service.

➡ When you want to promote your blog or any content with your prospects and audience.

➡ And last but not the least when you want to nurture your leads. You can actally delight your customers with the help of a carefully crafted email marketing campaign.

1. In the subject prefer title casing.

2. Punctuation in the subject line is not super important. Can be dropped altogether.

3. Always make an effort to personalize the email. Start with salutations.

4. Subject's character count should be at the most 50 characters.

5. Avoid unnecessary jargons and salesy pitch. 

6. Pique the curiosity of your audience. Ask relevant questions.

7. Responsive design. Always.

8. A/B test the email copies and calls to action. 

Our approach is engineered for the way enterprises work

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Proactive updates and check-ins mean you’re never in the dark.

Rapid Execution

We execute in weekly sprints prioritized by time-to-ROI.

Predictable ROI

Your custom dashboard shows how we’re performing, down to the dollar.

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