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Marketing automation enables companies to use innovative software solutions to streamline marketing processes, such as campaign management and integration of customer data. It makes these functions more efficient by automatically conducting certain marketing functions that you may spend disproportionate amounts of time managing. These tools can also be used to target consumer groups and to nurture new leads.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate marketing automation into the digital roadmap of your company, but it is not always easy to find the most efficient means of automating. Many businesses are seeing positive results of using marketing automation and we are experienced with these tools that can be used to improve your company's bottomline.

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Marketing Automation Capabilities

Analyze Contacts

Actionable metrics about your contact database, from your best lead sources to your most important vertical.

Categorize Leads

We will help you build powerful database segments to help personalize interactions.

Track Behavior

Empower your sales team with complete timelines and records of prospects’ interactions with your company.

Lead Nurturing

We set up long-tail nurturing and retargeting campaigns that deliver customized content based on purchase intent.

How to make marketing automation work for your business?

Marketing automation is a technology that helps companies optimize, simplify, and track marketing processes and workflows so they can improve operational efficiency and improve sales. Marketing automation involves marketing strategies across all channels — from direct mail and tele campaigns to web, social, and mobile channels. It puts together flexible, analysis-focused tools such as the CRM, lead management system, web analytics tool, and other frameworks to build something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

So in effect what it means is, you can execute a digital marketing plan without the need to click "send" or "reply" manually to every text, email, ad, or post you make. Effective automation helps you define your target audience, create better content and prompt actions automatically based on schedules and specific customer behavior. When the campaign is up and running, you can concentrate on other important projects, and monitor and adjust the campaign when reports begin to come in. Marketing automation will save time and money so that you can focus on improving sales and ROI for your company.

Big enterprises have long seen interest in marketing automation but it is not only for large businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses currently make up the largest category right now. Many far smaller companies too are starting to leverage the power of marketing automation. In the beginning, it was mostly the B2B companies who were its users. But now B2C sectors such as education, financial services, media and entertainment, and retail are embracing the platform for its real-time, engagement-oriented approach to preserving and expanding customer interactions over the customer lifecycle. 

In a nutshell, yes, marketing automation is suitable for just about any kind of business out there, especially the ones who want to grow their revenue quickly.  :-)

These are some of the best:

* HubSpot

* ActiveCampaign

* Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform

* Klaviyo

* SharpSpring

* Marketo

* RD Station

* Omnisend

* Pardot

* GetResponse

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