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At DataDab we’ll tell your story through brilliant video animation and so much more.

Content marketing is one of our specialties, but we also offer services in digital media strategies, web analytics, SEO, social media, and everything else you need to improve your digital footprint.

You’ve got this really amazing thing that you love everything about . . . just like everyone else. Being passionate isn’t the problem. Communicating that passion in a way that gets other people excited about it — that’s what you need help with. Luckily, you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what we do here. We tell compelling stories, through engaging content, that will help spread your passion and set your audience’s hearts ablaze.

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Content Creation Capabilities

Blog Content Creation

We produce high-quality blog posts that are tailored and designed for search engines and your target market.

eBooks & White Papers

Move traffic through the sales cycle with conversion content that showcases thought leadership.

Infographics Design

We design everything from full-size infographics  to formatted white papers that demonstrate your brand’s expertise.

Case Studies & Website Copy

We help you draft case studies that provide social proof and underscore the value of your brand to your potential customers.

Content Marketing FAQ

Content marketing is a form of marketing that includes producing and distributing content online. The content could be videos, blogs, and social media posts. The goal is not to specifically promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in a product or service. Content marketing is informational. It's not advertising. 

It isn't about your brand. Nor is it about the products or services you sell. It's about your customers. What are they talking about? What do they care about? And, more notably, how can you provide that value that no one else has, which in turn raises your brand from merely a commodity to something people embrace with open arms!

Content marketing differs from conventional marketing efforts such as sales collateral and other product related documentation. Content marketing involves things like educational articles, e-books, videos, and webinars that address people's specific questions and give them something they can't get elsewhere. It is the only way, no matter how simple, to turn your product into something that truly stands out.

By being a reliable, trustworthy authority on issues that matter to potential customers, you and your company are much more likely to get noticed by the right audience and win their loyalty and confidence – which in turn enables your brand to improve its consumer relationships, develop an active and engaged user base, and best of all increase profitability.

Three main benefits for businesses that use content marketing: 


A consumer may have a need for your product. But until he is aware, he will not realize there is a solution. 

People ask questions and seek information through search engines such as Google, and you want your business to be at the top of the search results. Attempting to answer questions from people through blog posts, e-books, videos, and other content is a way to do that. Surely, showing up is just the first step, but it is important if you want to take advantage of content marketing.


Revenue generation is a key goal for most marketers, and content marketing can be a major catalyst. They are more likely to buy from you when you create an audience that trusts you and wants to hear from you. Compared to a "traditional" marketing program, businesses also use content marketing because they can see similar — or even better — results, at a much lesser cost.

Higher loyalty

The content is only as important as the potential to draw and actively engage the audience – as customers, evangelists, or, preferably, both of them. When you have a substantial audience, your marketing efforts will improve revenue, gain valuable insights from clients, and turn your most passionate followers to brand advocates.

Many businesses provide content marketing services, often in combination with SEO, social or paid campaigns. You may consider hiring an agency if you are just too busy to do it yourself and not ready to manage it in-house. But the easiest way to jump in and market your own content is to start blogging. It will probably be challenging at first, but the more you do, the better you get at it.

You will learn quickly from many great publications on (even DataDab's own blog) on how to produce high-quality content for your website or blog that engages and converts readers into customers. Bottomline, just try to create amazing content, which is the best way to sell.

And if you want to do it all by yourself, here are some steps you should follow:

    • Define your goals

    • Set metrics you want to achieve

    • Know your customers

    • Identify the best platforms for your content

    • Determine the formats of content

    • Create a timeline

    • Create a brilliant piece of content

    • Spend time to promote and distribute it

    • Track the results

    • Regularly update the content to make it even better

These are the important ones:

    • Website traffic

    • Bounce Rate

    • Traffic sources and medium

    • Social shares

    • Click through rate (CTR)

    • Keyword ranking   

    • Cost per acquistion

    • Conversion rate

    • No. of leads   

    • Return on investment

Sure, here are a few that we believe are quite good strategies or tips rather:

    • Create readable, shared, hilarious content — something that is brilliantly well-written. 

    • The longer the better. Articles in the range of 3,000 to 10,000 words are found to perform the best.

    • Try to include lots of graphics and visuals. They make the article engaging to read.

    • Always consider writing how-to kind of articles, even guides work like charm. 

    • Even if you are a boring company the content doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t make it sound too corporate. Write with emotions. Get rid of unnecessary business jargon if you can. 

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