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Improve your website's conversion rate with a Conversion Rate Optimization audit from DataDab, conversion rate optimization specialists.

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Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is all about optimizing the website's effectiveness by converting the visitors into paying customers.

If you've been struggling to convert traffic into leads, the expert conversion optimizers from DataDab will analyze your sales funnel and user interface, and help to unlock areas of improvement and remove all that could prevent you from reaching your conversion goals.

As a DataDab customer, you will apart from A/B and Multivariate tests get web analytics, design, copywriting, development and implementation services. You get test results which show statistically which variation of the website or landing page gives you the maximum conversions.

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Conversion Optimization Capabilities

Data Driven Research

We analyze both qualitative and quantitative data to get an understanding of what areas need the most attention.

Test.Get Results. Iterate. Repeat.

We monitor all the data for patterns and report findings to you. Then we announce a winner or loser based on the outcome.

Customer Focused Site

The creative and design team then work on the sketches, often with several iterations, for the improvements we want.

Customer Journey Mapping

We help you define your customer journey based on the behavior of thousands of customers, not just a few interviews.

Conversion Rate Optimization FAQ

As per Wikipedia, “In internet marketing, conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage. It is commonly referred to as CRO.”

Let's try to understand it in a simpler way. All websites serve a purpose. Some sell things online. Some run a blog which they can run ads on. While some sites collect leads through their forms. So someone visits a landing page you created and signs up for your mailing list, a conversion could happen. For an ecommerce site, a conversion could be when a buyer makes a purchase. And for a B2B site, a conversion can take place when a prospects shows interest in their service offering and fills up the contact form, so that the sales team can reach out to him. 

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is simply the process of improving those conversions. A high conversion rate means your website is well designed, properly formatted, and attractive to your target audience. So the result is, with essentially the same amount of traffic you get better sales and who doesn't want that. With conversion rate optimization, you get better bang for your bucks. 

There are quite a few advantages of CRO for your business. Here are a few:

For just about any business, understanding your client is extremely important. We suggest that you start researching on conversion to learn how customers engage with your site. You must find out all about who the customers are and what their problems are. Conversion optimization allows you to develop buyer personas for your website when you understand your customers, which helps you understand who you are marketing to.

CRO helps in improving the performance of your lead generation. More data about your visitors will be captured so that you can market it to them over time.

Making sure your website looks credible is a major part of conversion rate optimisation. We all are quite concerned about the security of our information online, particularly with the recent security breaches at major retailers. Your website will look as credible as your business is, helping to build confidence and encouraging those who visit your site to go ahead and make a buying decision.

If people can not discover you through search engines, how can they purchase your products or services? CRO helps you focus on your primary keywords that are high intent and optimize each page of your site so that you appear higher in the results pages of Google & other search engines.

Conversion rate optimization helps you understand your company and your clients better. You will take chances because due to higher sales you become more confident and because you have a steady source of traffic to play with.

When you are performing CRO successfully, your website should have an advantage over its competitors. Often, that's all it takes to attract a customer — you only have to be a little more effective, a bit quicker, and you're going to win. Think of it like a derby: the horse and jockey who win, even if it's by a whisker, brings home — the gold, the trophy — while the horse who comes in second gets nothing.

CRO's job is to make sure that your online presence is as effective as it can be, not just on your website but across the entire web. It looks overwhelming, and it can be so. Usually the best way to get it done correctly and in the shortest amount of time is to work with a skilled conversion rate optimizer (like DataDab) — so you can start improving your website profits.

Glad that you asked.

You can start by collecting information about your website visitors. Google Analytics is a great starting point. Start observing the top pages on your site, what demographics are the visitors coming from. Are they a part of the demography you want to target. The more we know their on-site behavior the better we understand them. Then it's time to run some A/B tests on the key pages, especially the most important of all, your home page. What is A/B test, you might ask?

A/B testing is when you set up two different web page or landing page variations and send equal no. of visitors to each. You then measure the number of conversions per variation and declare a winner based on which variant drove the most conversions. When a winner is selected, you turn to that variant so you gain from the increased conversion rate of the winning version. Here are some elements that may make sense to test: headlines, color schemes, landing page copy, call to action text, mandatory credit card field, images etc

Conduct online or offline surveys to know more about the people you want to target. Talk to your customers. Offer them freebies if you have to. You must know what is it they are after when they come to your site. What exactly is the pain point they are trying to solve? What is their expectation from you? We must know it so that we can tailor our offerings to come across as a relevant solution to their needs. Make it abundantly clear with the choice of words on the home page and text on the call to action buttons, how you are going to help. Make it ridiculously simple. Put yourself in the customers' shoes. and speak the same language, use the same terms that your customers use.

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