Reducing Churn With Personalized Onboarding

Tailored Onboarding Experiences & Video Tutorials

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  • 80% more feature adoption
  • 40% lesser churn
  • 50% more platform usage


Reducing churn and improving customer success for a deep tech SaaS product

B2B SaaS company specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for enterprise customers faced challenges in retaining customers and ensuring their success. The company's deep tech product had a steep learning curve, resulting in a high churn rate among new users who struggled with onboarding.


  • Reduce churn rates among new customers

  • Improve customer satisfaction and success

  • Increase product adoption and usage


Tailored Onboarding Experiences

DataDab collaborated with the client to develop a personalized onboarding experience for new customers that included:

Customizing the onboarding process based on each customer's industry, use case, and technical proficiency

Providing a dedicated customer success manager to guide customers through onboarding and address any questions or concerns

Implementing in-app guidance and tooltips to assist users in navigating the platform and understanding its features

Video Tutorials and Training Resources

To further support new customers during the onboarding process, DataDab and this company created a comprehensive library of video tutorials and training resources that covered:

Getting started with the platform and understanding its core features

Advanced tips and best practices for leveraging its machine learning capabilities

Industry-specific use cases and success stories to demonstrate the value of the client's solution


Reduced Churn and Improved Customer Satisfaction

By implementing DataDab's personalized onboarding strategy and providing comprehensive training resources, this client achieved significant improvements in customer retention and satisfaction:

40% reduction in churn rate

They experienced a 40% decrease in churn rate within six months, as new customers found the onboarding process more accessible and supportive

60% increase in customer satisfaction scores

The company saw a 60% increase in customer satisfaction scores, driven by the tailored onboarding experiences and dedicated customer success managers

Increased Product Adoption and Usage

DataDab's onboarding and training solutions not only reduced churn and improved customer satisfaction but also led to increased product adoption and usage among new customers:

80% increase in product feature adoption

The client observed an 80% increase in the adoption of its product features, as new customers were better equipped to understand and utilize the platform's capabilities

50% growth in platform usage

The company experienced a 50% increase in platform usage, indicating that customers were more engaged and found greater value in its solution

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DataDab has been a game-changer for our product. Their expertise in customer success and onboarding strategies has helped us reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction significantly. The personalized onboarding experiences and comprehensive video tutorials have empowered our customers to fully utilize our platform and achieve success. 

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