Enhancing User Experience to Boost Conversions


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  • 25%

    more trial-to-paid conversions:

  • 35%

    reduction in customer churn

  • 40%

    reduction in customer support tickets


Improving user experience for an ERP SaaS product

StreamlineERP, a leading ERP SaaS company, offers comprehensive business management solutions to help organizations streamline their processes and boost efficiency. However, the company faced challenges in retaining customers and driving conversions, primarily due to a complex and unintuitive user experience (UX).


  • Conduct a UX audit and give recommendations

  • Improve the overall user experience

  • Boost conversions and user satisfaction


UX Audit and Recommendations

DataDab performed an in-depth UX audit of StreamlineERP's platform to identify areas of improvement and suggest actionable recommendations:

Heuristic evaluation

DataDab's UX experts conducted a heuristic evaluation, assessing the platform's usability and identifying usability issues.

User journey mapping

We mapped out user journeys, analyzing the workflows and identifying pain points in the user experience.

User feedback analysis

Our experts gathered and analyzed user feedback to gain insights into users' expectations, frustrations, and suggestions for improvement.

Iterative Design Process

DataDab employed an iterative design process to implement the recommended UX improvements:

Wireframing and prototyping

DataDab created wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize and test the proposed UX enhancements.

User testing

User testing sessions to get feedback on the proposed changes & validate the new designs' effectiveness in addressing the pain points.


Once the new designs were validated, DataDab collaborated with StreamlineERP's development team to implement the changes in the platform.

Continuous improvement

DataDab monitored user feedback and platform performance after implementing the new designs, making further adjustments as needed to ensure optimal user satisfaction.


Enhanced User Experience

DataDab's UX improvements significantly enhanced the overall user experience of StreamlineERP's platform:

Reduced task completion time

The optimized UX design led to a 25% reduction in task completion time, enabling users to accomplish their goals more efficiently.

Decreased user frustration

The improved UX significantly reduced user frustration, resulting in a 40% decrease in customer support tickets related to usability issues.

Boosted Conversions

The enhanced user experience led to a notable increase in conversions for StreamlineERP:

25% increase in trial-to-paid conversions

StreamlineERP experienced a 25% increase in trial-to-paid conversions, indicating that users found more value in the platform after the UX improvements.

35% decrease in customer churn

StreamlineERP's customer churn rate decreased by 35%, showing that users were more satisfied and engaged with the improved platform.

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Their expertise in user experience design has been instrumental in helping us enhance our platform and boost conversions. DataDab's data-driven approach and iterative design process have allowed us to make informed decisions and continuously improve our user experience. 

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