Driving SaaS Product Adoption Through Webinars

Webinar Planning, Promotion, Follow-Up & Nurturing Campaigns

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  • 35% more upselling revenue
  • 25% rise in CLTV
  • 20% better CSAT scores


Increasing product adoption and driving customer engagement in a crowded SaaS market

Kintone, a B2B SaaS company offering innovative workflow automation solutions, wanted to increase product adoption and drive customer engagement in a competitive market. The company identified webinars and virtual events as a powerful channel to demonstrate its product's capabilities, showcase its expertise, and engage with potential customers.


  • Boost product adoption

  • Enhance customer engagement

  • Generate leads & drive conversions


Comprehensive Webinar Planning and Promotion

DataDab collaborated with the client to plan and promote a series of webinars that focused on:

Demonstrating the features and benefits of Kintone's workflow automation solution

Addressing common industry challenges and pain points

Providing valuable insights and best practices for workflow automation

The promotion strategy included:

Creating and distributing engaging promotional content across multiple channels, such as email marketing, social media, and the company's website

Developing targeted ad campaigns to reach a larger audience

Partnering with industry influencers and experts to amplify the reach and credibility of the webinars

Follow-Up and Nurturing Campaigns

To ensure maximum engagement and conversions after each webinar, DataDab designed and executed a series of follow-up and nurturing campaigns that included:

Sending personalized thank-you emails to attendees, along with relevant resources and a recording of the webinar

Segmenting the audience based on their engagement and interests, then targeting them with tailored email and content campaigns to drive further product adoption

Retargeting non-attendees with informative content and invitations to future webinars and virtual events


Improved Product Adoption and Customer Engagement

DataDab's webinar and virtual event campaign delivered impressive results for Kintone:

60% increase in product adoption

Kintone experienced a 60% increase in product adoption within six months, thanks to the informative and engaging webinars that showcased the value of its workflow automation solution

50% growth in overall customer engagement

The webinars and follow-up campaigns led to a 50% increase in overall customer engagement, as measured by metrics such as email open rates, click-through rates, and content consumption

Better Lead Generation and Conversions

DataDab's webinar campaign also generated significant leads and conversions for Kintone

70% increase in leads from webinars

Kintone saw a 70% increase in leads generated through its webinars and virtual events, demonstrating the effectiveness of DataDab's planning and promotion strategies

40% more conversions from webinar leads

The company experienced a 40% rise in conversions from leads originating in the webinar and virtual event campaigns, showcasing the success of the follow-up and nurturing efforts

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DataDab has been instrumental in helping us drive product adoption and customer engagement through their strategic webinar and virtual event planning. 

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