I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest sales advice to pass along to my clients. With 2024 just around the corner, having the right sales strategies and mindsets in place is more crucial than ever for any SaaS company's success. My clients rely on my team and me to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to drive revenue growth in the year ahead.

That's why I am so excited to share this comprehensive list of the top 20 sales blogs to follow in 2024. I bookmark blogs like these for reference and share them with my clients as a value-add. After reviewing hundreds of sales blogs over my career, I know what sets the best apart—actionable tactics, data-backed insights, relatable storytelling, and diversity of perspectives. These blogs deliver all of that and more.

Whether my clients need to motivate an unengaged sales team, better target high-value accounts, or simply gain a competitive edge in 2024, there are so many golden nuggets here for them. I can point them to Anthony Iannarino for blunt real-talk or SalesFolk for creative messaging formulas. If they're forecasting team growth, the A Sales Guy blog has them covered. And they can turn to Quotable when they need to hear from sales superstars like Jill Konrath.

With such a wealth of relevant, practical sales advice out there, I make it my job to curate the best of it. That way, my SaaS clients can focus more energy on executing winning sales strategies and delighting their customers in the year ahead. I'm thrilled to add this list of stellar 2024 sales blogs to my go-to resources. They'll help me continue providing tremendous value to the SaaS companies I work with as their marketing engine.

1. Hubspot Sales Blog

HubSpot is one of the world's most significant marketing and sales tools, with over 15,000 customers in 90 countries. Hubspot sales blog offers readers advice and sales preparation.

From drafting the perfect email subject line that leads to closures to negotiating an agreement, here you'll get all the advice you need to reach or exceed your sales target. Authors include many of the sales world's best-known names, including Donald E. Kelly, Jeff Hoffman, Anthony Iannarino, Trish Bertuzzi, and more.

HubSpot’s sales blog is an encyclopedia of sales knowledge. It offers an extensive array of resources, including detailed case studies of successful sales strategies, step-by-step guides on leveraging HubSpot tools for sales automation and CRM best practices, and expert insights into integrating sales and marketing efforts. The blog also features advice on adapting to evolving sales trends, developing inbound sales methodologies, and mastering digital sales tactics. Regular contributions from industry experts provide a variety of perspectives on effective sales practices.

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2. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn is another resource a sales guy can't disregard. The sales blog will ensure you utilize LinkedIn as a sales platform to its full potential. Social Sales through networks like Linkedin should be a priority for sales teams. Subscribe to LinkedIn's sales blog to get the latest social marketing news and tactics and get an update on universal best sales practices.

This blog is a masterclass in utilizing LinkedIn for sales excellence. It provides in-depth articles on enhancing personal branding for sales professionals, leveraging LinkedIn’s vast network for lead generation and nurturing, and adopting advanced social selling techniques. The blog also features comprehensive guides on optimizing LinkedIn profiles to attract potential clients, strategic networking approaches to expand professional connections, and insights into emerging B2B sales trends on the platform. Expert interviews and success stories offer real-world examples of effective LinkedIn sales strategies.

3. Gong Labs Blog

Gong.io's Gong Labs Blog gives you information, perspectives, and data from analyzing the world's largest database of AI sales conversations.

Gong.io's blog stands out for its data-driven approach to sales. It offers deep insights derived from AI analysis of sales interactions, providing a unique perspective on what contributes to successful sales calls and email engagements. The blog features detailed breakdowns of sales conversations, offering practical tips on improving communication skills, understanding buyer psychology, and adopting AI tools for predictive sales analysis. Regular posts include case studies, research findings, and expert interviews, making it a go-to resource for evidence-based sales strategies.

4. The Make It Happen Sales Blog

John Barrows created JB Sales in response to the tiny amount of formal accredited sales instruction for the sales guys. With decades of experience, he built on-demand and sales training services, providing interactive sales education online, on-site, and remotely to companies and individuals.

John has been, for a good reason, one of the best sales bloggers in the sales community.

His sales blog is a fantastic resource for new reps and veterans alike, filled with tales from his own deep sales experience. His narrative writing style and useful, humorous stories make his blog sales a joy to read and a valuable sales tool.

It's crisp and straightforward, providing practical guidance.

5. Predictable Revenue Blog

If you're in sales and haven't yet bookmarked the Predictable Revenue blog, you're missing out on a goldmine of sales wisdom. This blog isn't just another industry voice; it's a vibrant hub where sales strategies come alive. Tailored for the fast-paced world of SaaS, it offers practical, no-fluff advice that you can apply directly to your daily hustle. Imagine finding nuggets on how to streamline your sales process or discovering fresh outreach tactics that actually work – that's what Predictable Revenue brings to your table.

It’s like having a mentor guiding you through the maze of sales challenges. Whether you're starting out or looking to up your game, this blog is your go-to for sales strategies that resonate with real-world scenarios. Dive in and watch your sales approach transform!

6. XANT - Inside Sales Engagement Blog

Xant.ai(formerly InsideSales.com) provides industry-leading sales optimization platform on Neuralytics, a self-learning predictive and prescriptive engine. Their Xant sales blog contains articles related to sales motivation, sales preparation, enhancement of sales, and other such topics.

XANT’s blog is a deep dive into sales engagement and productivity. It covers a wide range of topics such as leveraging sales analytics for performance improvement, adopting effective communication strategies for inside sales, managing remote sales teams, and integrating the latest sales technologies. The blog also explores the future of sales, discussing how AI, machine learning, and automation are reshaping the sales landscape. Regular posts include how-to guides, industry reports, and expert opinions, making it an essential resource for staying ahead in the field of sales.

7. CloserIQ Sales Blog

CloserIQ 's network of over 60,000 sales leaders very proactively discuss their selling tactics with the sales community. As a sales recruiting business, their blog is ideal for salespeople and recruiters focused on attracting top sales talent and sales operations. Their weekly newsletter containing the insights from CloserIQ's network of 60,000+ sales leaders is solid.

CloserIQ combines insightful sales strategies with cutting-edge talent management advice. The blog is a comprehensive resource for building and managing high-performing sales teams. It covers topics such as effective recruitment strategies for sales roles, designing sales training programs, implementing performance management systems, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in sales teams. The blog also offers career development advice for sales professionals, including tips on advancing in a sales career, improving sales skills, and staying motivated.

8. Close.io Blog

This blog offers startup sales tips and product updates from Close.io, a popular CRM for startups and SMBs. You can learn B2B selling and closing bigger deals effectively with their sales content.

Aimed at startups and small to medium-sized businesses, Close.io’s blog is a guide to navigating the unique challenges of startup sales environments. It provides exhaustive guides on early-stage sales strategies, selecting and utilizing sales technology, implementing CRM best practices, and techniques for closing deals effectively. The blog discusses the nuances of scaling a sales team in a startup, offering solutions for common challenges such as limited resources, fast-paced growth, and evolving market conditions.

9. Outreach.io Blog

For a sales rep reviewing every part of the sales process, this one is an excellent blog. There's plenty of sales best practices here, with particular attention to outbound sales processes. From precise messaging and everything else outbound, it gets it right.

This blog offers an all-encompassing look at outbound sales techniques. It provides detailed guides on effective prospecting, crafting compelling sales pitches, optimizing sales call strategies, and managing sales pipelines. The blog also explores the use of sales automation tools in outbound sales, discussing how to integrate technology effectively to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Personal stories and case studies add a human element to the blog, offering insights into the experiences and lessons learned by successful sales professionals.

10. Sales Gravy

Jeb Blount, Fanatical Prospecting's author, and a sales acceleration specialist, posts thousands of free articles, videos, podcasts, tips, training, and advice from top sales experts on his blog.

Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy blog is an extensive platform for sales training and development. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including emotional intelligence in sales, advanced prospecting techniques, mastering sales negotiations, and developing effective sales presentations. It also delves into sales leadership and management, offering insights for sales directors and managers on motivating teams, developing sales talent, and creating a high-performance sales culture.

11. Cerebral Selling

David Priemer brings his own analytical approach to the sales environment, offering articles far beyond basic lists and tips in his sales blog. He looks into modern studies, psychology, and techniques to help improve your thought and selling.

David Priemer’s blog offers a unique blend of scientific research and practical sales strategy. It examines the psychological aspects of selling, providing insights into understanding buyer behavior, creating emotional connections in sales conversations, and applying cognitive science principles to improve sales performance. The blog also discusses the ethical dimensions of selling, advocating for a more empathetic and customer-centric approach. Regular posts include research findings, practical tips, and case studies, making it a valuable resource for sales professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the human side of sales.

12. SaaStr

Jason M. Lemkin, Venture Capitalist, and SaaS enthusiast started SaaStr as a simple WordPress blog featuring his answers to questions he got on Quora. Today, it's one of the world's biggest SaaS developers and entrepreneurs.

The blog offers in-depth insights into the growth and scaling of SaaS companies, with practical advice on topics such as fundraising, building a sales team, managing customer success, and developing effective sales strategies. It features case studies of successful SaaS companies, interviews with SaaS entrepreneurs and sales leaders, and expert opinions on the latest trends and challenges in the SaaS industry. The blog is known for its candid and insightful content, providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of SaaS.

13. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

Jill Konrath, author of "Selling to BIG Businesses," "SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Consumers," "Agile Selling," and "More Sales, Less Time," is an expert in managing dynamic sales. She makes it easier and simpler for prospects and sales reps alike.

Her posts also contain stories from her life, making them connected and engaging. She offers a personal touch to sales strategies, making her blog relatable and insightful. Topics range from improving sales productivity to innovative strategies for engaging with clients. Jill's extensive experience in sales provides a rich perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing sales professionals today. Her posts often include stories from her own career, offering practical lessons and tips that readers can apply in their own sales roles.

14. A Sales Guy

Jim Keenan is a well-known author and writer and also a founder of A Sales Guy.

Jim's blog is not just about sales tips; it’s a deep dive into sales culture and talent management. His insights on hiring and nurturing sales talent are particularly valuable for sales leaders looking to build effective teams. The blog covers a range of topics including sales team structure, recruitment strategies, training and development programs, and performance management. Jim's approach is straightforward and practical, offering advice that is both insightful and actionable.

15. Salesforce Blog

Salespeople have used Salesforce more than any other sales platform. They have invested heavily in building a top-of-the-line blog/podcast sales only for salespeople. Quotable distinguishes itself from the rest of this list in 2 areas: diversity of authors and length and breadth of their content.

The blog provides insights into how to leverage Salesforce's extensive suite of tools for sales automation, data analysis, and customer relationship management. Regular posts include case studies, how-to guides, and expert interviews, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their sales processes using CRM technology.

16. Sales Folk

Heather Morgan's Sales Folk blog is a guide to crafting compelling sales messages. It offers examples, concise suggestions, and innovative ideas, helping you improve your email open and reply rates. Heather's expertise in sales copywriting shines through in her posts, which provide detailed analyses of successful and unsuccessful sales emails. The blog also offers tips on personalizing sales messages, using storytelling techniques in sales communication, and adopting best practices for email marketing. Regular features include critiques of real sales emails, providing practical examples of what to do and what to avoid in sales communication.

17. Heinz Marketing

From inbound to account-based selling and prospecting, this blog offers insights and tools for marketing and sales professionals alike. It also features a variety of exclusive shows, including "How I Work" and "App of the week" and comes in different formats like video and podcasts.

This blog offers a blend of sales and marketing insights, with a focus on B2B strategies. It covers topics such as account-based marketing, lead generation, content marketing, and sales enablement. The blog is known for its practical and actionable advice, offering tips and best practices that sales and marketing professionals can immediately apply. Regular features include industry reports, expert interviews, and case studies, providing a well-rounded perspective on the intersection of sales and marketing.

18. TopLine Leadership Blog

TopLine Leadership Blog focuses on sales motivation. A sales team's success mostly depends on their mindset. Keeping them excited and dedicated, however, is not easy — particularly as you also seek to identify their vulnerabilities, improve their strategies, and make the playbook as robust as possible. If you're trying to get an unengaged salesperson excited or motivate everyone to hit their numbers, you'll find the advice you need here.

19. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is a leading international speaker, writer, and sales expert. On his blog, The Sales Blog, he shares regular sales tips and his acute observations. His selling tips are refreshing and concise, making his style of writing easily digestible and relatable.

He has a no-nonsense approach to writing, which is a refreshing shift from the typical blog post on sales.

20. OpenView Blog

OpenView Investment Partners is a growth-stage funding group with expertise supporting early-stage tech companies in investing and developing sales teams.

They share insights and actionable advice for sales managers on their blog — including using metrics to scale up the sales team, selling to corporate customers, product-led growth, and much more. Their selling blog offers the same realistic and strategic guidance they provide to their portfolio companies. Their various authors cover a wide variety of viewpoints and provide concrete advice back to sales professionals.