Streamlining a Fintech Firm's Marketing Operations

Fintech SaaS

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  • 20% less marketing cost
  • 25% better conversion rates
  • 40% more leads generated


Optimizing marketing operations for a Financial Services SaaS company

A leading SaaS company specializing in financial services wanted to streamline its marketing operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive higher customer acquisition rates. The company had been experiencing slow growth and sought ways to optimize its marketing efforts and generate more qualified leads.


  • Assess and optimize the current marketing operations

  • Develop and implement data-driven marketing strategies

  • Improve lead generation and conversion rates


Marketing Operations Audit

DataDab's team conducted a thorough marketing operations audit to identify areas for improvement:

Performance evaluation

We analyzed current marketing performance, like lead generation, conversion rates & marketing spend, to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization.

Process analysis

DataDab assessed Goalwise's marketing processes, such as campaign management, content creation, and reporting, to uncover bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Development

Based on the audit findings, DataDab developed a data-driven marketing strategy to optimize the client's marketing operations:

Lead generation strategy

DataDab designed a multi-channel lead generation strategy that leveraged SEO, content marketing, and targeted advertising to drive high-quality leads.

Lead nurturing strategy

DataDab created a lead nurturing strategy that used email marketing, retargeting ads, and personalized content to engage and convert leads.

Marketing Automation Implementation

To streamline marketing operations, DataDab implemented marketing automation tools to improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks:

Marketing automation platform

DataDab integrated a marketing automation platform that streamlined campaign management, lead scoring, and nurturing processes.

Content management system (CMS)

DataDab implemented a CMS (Ghost CMS), allowing fast and efficient content creation, publishing, and tracking. It also improved the loading times.

Marketing Performance Measurement and Optimization

DataDab established a marketing performance measurement framework to track and optimize the Goalwise's marketing efforts:

Key performance indicators

We identified relevant KPIs to measure the success of Goalwise's marketing operations, including lead generation, conversion rates, and marketing ROI.

Data visualization & reporting

We set up data visualization and reporting tools to provide Goalwise with real-time insights into their marketing performance, enabling continuous optimization.


Improved Marketing Efficiency and Reduced Costs

The streamlined marketing operations led to significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings for Goalwise

20% reduction in marketing costs

The optimized marketing operations, including automation and process improvements, reduced the client's marketing costs by 20%.

30% rise in marketing team productivity

The implementation of marketing automation tools and streamlined processes led to a 30% increase in productivity for the marketing team.

Higher Lead Generation and Conversion Rates

The data-driven marketing strategies we developed resulted in higher lead generation and conversion rates for the client

40% increase in lead generation

The multi-channel lead generation strategy increased the number of high-quality leads generated by 40%.

25% increase in conversion rates

The lead nurturing strategy, combined with marketing automation, resulted in a 25% increase in lead conversion rates.

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"Their expertise in optimizing marketing operations has been invaluable for our financial services SaaS company. Their data-driven strategies and marketing automation implementation have not only reduced our marketing costs but also significantly increased our lead generation and conversion rates. We are extremely pleased with the results and look forward to continued success in our partnership with DataDab."

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