Leveraging Personalization to Drive Engagement

HR Tech SaaS

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  • 20% more in User signups
  • 15% lesser churn
  • 30% more platform usage


Boosting user engagement for an HR Tech SaaS product

An innovative HR Tech SaaS company offers a cutting-edge platform to help organizations streamline their talent management processes. Despite having a powerful solution, it faced challenges in engaging users and driving platform adoption.


  • Develop personalized user journeys

  • Implement targeted messaging and content

  • Better user engagement & platform adoption


Creating Personalized User Journeys

DataDab worked closely with HelloFlock to create personalized user journeys tailored to the unique needs of different user segments:

User segmentation

DataDab analyzed user data to identify distinct user segments based on factors like job roles, industries, and platform usage patterns.

Journey mapping

DataDab mapped out personalized user journeys for each segment, considering their specific goals, pain points, and preferences.

Dynamic content delivery

DataDab helped this company implement dynamic content delivery to serve relevant content and features based on users' segments and behaviors.

Targeted Messaging and Content

DataDab developed targeted messaging and content strategies to engage users effectively:

Personalized onboarding

DataDab designed personalized onboarding experiences for each user segment, including tailored walkthroughs, tutorials, and tooltips.

Contextual help

DataDab created contextual help content, such as in-app messages and knowledge base articles, to assist users in completing tasks and overcoming challenges.

Behavior based messaging

We set up behavior-triggered messaging campaigns, delivering targeted emails and in-app notifications to users based on their actions and engagement levels.


Enhanced User Engagement

DataDab's personalization strategies significantly enhanced user engagement for HelloFlock:

30% increase in platform usage

The personalized user journeys and targeted messaging led to a 30% increase in platform usage among users.

25% increase in feature adoption

Users were 25% more likely to adopt new features and explore advanced functionality thanks to personalized onboarding and contextual help.

Boosted Platform Adoption

The improved user engagement resulted in higher platform adoption for HelloFlock:

20% increase in new user sign-ups

Personalized messaging and content helped HelloFlock attract 20% more new users, increasing overall platform adoption.

15% decrease in user churn

The enhanced engagement and tailored user experiences contributed to a 15% decrease in user churn, retaining more customers in the long term.

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Their expertise in creating personalized user journeys and targeted messaging has not only increased user engagement but also boosted platform adoption and reduced churn. 

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