Enhancing User Onboarding, reducing churn, and increasing user activation

Incident Management Software

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  • 15% reduction in churn rate
  • 25% better user activation
  • Higher user satisfaction


Improving user onboarding, reducing churn, and increasing user activation for an incident management software

A SaaS incident management software provider faced user onboarding and retention challenges. They noticed that new users often struggled to understand the platform's features and capabilities, leading to a high churn rate and low user activation.


  • Improve the user onboarding experience

  • Reduce churn rate

  • Increase user activation rates


Interactive Onboarding

Product walkthroughs

Our product marketers created interactive product walkthroughs, guiding users through the key features and functionalities of IncidentMaster's software.

Progressive disclosure

We used a progressive disclosure technique to introduce features and functionalities gradually, based on the user's progress, ensuring that users didn't feel overwhelmed by the platform's complexity.


DataDab incorporated gamification elements, such as progress bars, badges, and rewards, to encourage users to explore and engage with the platform further.

Email Sequence Optimization

Personalized onboarding

We revamped onboarding email sequence, tailoring each email to the user's needs and preferences based on their behavior and engagement.

A/B testing

DataDab continuously tested and optimized email subject lines, copy, and CTAs to maximize user engagement and activation rates.

Actionable content

We ensured that each onboarding email provided users with clear, actionable steps to help them make the most of IncidentMaster's features and capabilities.

Contextual Help and Support

In-app help center

We integrated a searchable, in-app help center, allowing users to access relevant articles, tutorials, and FAQs without leaving the platform.

Context-sensitive tooltips

DataDab added context-sensitive tooltips that provided users with helpful information and guidance based on their current activity within the platform.

Live chat support

We implemented live chat support, enabling users to ask questions and receive real-time assistance from IncidentMaster's support team.


Reduced Churn and Increased User Activation

DataDab's onboarding improvements led to significant results for this company:

15% reduction in churn rate

The interactive onboarding experience helped users understand and engage with IncidentMaster's software more effectively, leading to a 15% reduction in churn.

25% increase in user activation rates

The optimized onboarding email sequence resulted in a 25% increase in user activation rates as users took advantage of the platform's features and functionalities.

Improved User Satisfaction and Support Efficiency

The contextual help and support enhancements led to increased user satisfaction and a more efficient support process:

Higher user satisfaction

Users reported increased satisfaction with the platform, thanks to the easy access to help resources and context-sensitive guidance.

Reduced support tickets

Integrating in-app help and live chat support resulted in significantly reducing support tickets, freeing up IncidentMaster's support team to focus on more complex issues.

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DataDab's holistic approach to user onboarding has been a game-changer for our software. 

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