Amplifying SaaS Product Awareness Through Influencer Partnerships

IoT SaaS

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  • 30% more demo requests
  • 20% more customers
  • 50% more social engagement


Increasing visibility and credibility for an IoT product

A cutting-edge SaaS company specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions was looking to raise awareness for their groundbreaking product among their target audience. They wanted to leverage the power of influencer marketing to increase their visibility and credibility within the industry.


  • Identify and engage relevant industry influencers

  • Co-create content and campaigns to amplify product awareness

  • Boost brand credibility and recognition within the IoT industry


Identifying and Engaging Industry Influencers

DataDab's team carried out extensive research to identify and engage the most influential IoT experts, who could effectively promote IoTConnect's product to their target audience:

Influencer research

We used a combination of tools and manual research to identify key IoT influencers, considering factors like reach, engagement, and audience relevance.

Influencer outreach

We initiated personalized outreach to the selected influencers, presenting IoTConnect's product and outlining potential collaboration opportunities.

Partnership agreements

Negotiated mutually beneficial partnership agreements with the influencers, ensuring they aligned with IoTConnect's marketing objectives and brand values.

Co-creating Content and Campaigns

DataDab worked closely with the influencers and IoTConnect's team to develop and execute a series of content and campaigns:

Product reviews and tutorials

Influencers created in-depth product reviews and tutorials, showcasing IoTConnect's solution to their audience and demonstrating its capabilities.

Guest blog posts and articles

Influencers contributed guest posts to IoTConnect's blog and other industry publications, sharing their expertise and insights while mentioning IoTConnect's product as a valuable solution.

Social media campaigns

Influencers shared IoTConnect's product updates, use cases, and success stories on their social media channels, further amplifying the product's visibility and credibility.


Increased Product Awareness and Credibility

The influencer partnerships led to a significant increase in product awareness and credibility for the product:

Over 1 million impressions

The co-created content and campaigns generated over 1 million impressions across various digital channels, reaching a highly relevant audience.

50% increase in social media engagement

During the influencer marketing campaign, the client experienced a 50% increase in social media engagement, including likes, comments, and shares.

Growth in Sales & Customer Base

The influencer marketing campaign contributed to the growth of IoTConnect's sales and customer base:

30% increase in product demo requests

The influencer-generated content led to a 30% increase in product demo requests, showcasing the heightened interest from potential customers.

20% increase in customer acquisition

The company saw a 20% increase in customer acquisition within the first six months of the influencer marketing campaign.

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"DataDab's expertise in influencer marketing has been instrumental in raising awareness for our product. Their ability to identify and engage the right influencers, as well as co-create effective content and campaigns, has significantly boosted our product's visibility and credibility in the industry. We highly recommend DataDab for any B2B SaaS company looking to leverage the power of influencer marketing." 

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