Increasing Free Trial Sign-ups Through Landing Page A/B Testing

Analytics SaaS

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    friction points in user journey


Optimizing landing pages for an Analytics SaaS product

An Analytics SaaS company offering cutting-edge data analytics tools for businesses sought to increase the number of free trial sign-ups through their website. Despite having a highly effective product, the company struggled to convert website visitors into free trial users.


  • Identifying areas for improvement on the landing pages

  • Increasing the number of free trial sign-ups

  • Improving overall conversion rates


Identifying Areas for Improvement

DataDab conducted a comprehensive analysis of this analytics company's landing pages to identify areas for improvement:

User behavior analysis

Utilized heatmaps, click maps, and scroll maps to understand how users interacted with the landing pages and identify potential friction points that hindered conversions.

Conversion funnel analysis

Analyzed the customer's conversion funnel to pinpoint drop-off points and areas where users were not progressing toward the desired goal of signing up for a free trial.

User feedback collection

Collected user feedback through surveys and interviews to gain insights into the factors influencing users' decision-making processes and identify any barriers to conversion.

Test Design and Implementation

Based on the insights gathered, DataDab designed and implemented a series of A/B tests to optimize the landing pages:

Test hypothesis formulation

Formulated hypotheses for each identified area of improvement, predicting how specific changes to the landing pages would impact free trial sign-ups.

Variant design

We created multiple variants of the landing pages, incorporating the proposed changes from the hypotheses.

A/B test execution

Conducted A/B tests, directing a portion of the website traffic to the original landing pages and the rest to the variants, measuring the impact on free trial sign-ups for each version.


Improved Conversion Rates

DataDab's landing page optimization efforts led to significant improvements in the customer's conversion rates:

35% increase in free trial sign-ups

They experienced a 35% increase in free trial sign-ups as a direct result of the optimized landing pages.

20% overall conversion rate improvement

The overall conversion rate of website visitors to free trial users increased by 20% after implementing the winning landing page variants.

Enhanced User Experience

By optimizing the landing pages, the customer was able to provide an enhanced user experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and increased trust in the brand:

Reduced friction points

DataDab's optimization efforts eliminated friction points in the user journey, making it easier for users to sign up for a free trial.

Streamlined conversion funnel

The optimized landing pages streamlined the conversion funnel, guiding users more effectively toward the desired goal of signing up for a free trial.

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DataDab's expertise in landing page optimization and A/B testing has been invaluable in helping us increase our free trial sign-ups.

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