What’s in this guide?

  • Scheduling images to Telegram.
  • How to share your images to other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Google+.
  • What is a Telegram bot?
  • Using Telegram bots to access images from the dashboard, a collection of motivational quotes, and much more.

These instructions are intended to be used with Telegram’s mobile apps and may not work with their desktop apps.

Scheduling images to Telegram

Scheduling images to your Telegram account from the dashboard works the same as scheduling to any other social account. Simply select your Telegram account when creating your post in the scheduler and either post it straight away or schedule it for later.

When the image is sent to your Telegram account it will appear in the ‘sendabot’ chat you used when connecting your account. From there you can share the image to other chats or more importantly other apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google+, etc.

Top Tip

If you have Telegram notifications enabled on your smartphone then you will receive a notification when the post has been sent from the dashboard.

Please note, if the ‘sendabot’ chat on your Telegram account is deleted, scheduled messages will not get posted.

How to share from Telegram to other apps

Quick share instructions

Once you’ve shared your image to Telegram, you can click on it to be shown the full-screen image. Then click on the share icon, this will allow you to post it to different apps you have installed such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, etc.

If you would like more detailed instructions please see the following page, which describes the sharing process in a more detailed way and also for the different phone makes.

Detailed share instructions (Instagram example)

Once you’ve shared your image to Telegram, as described on the page above, you can now share it to other apps. We will use Instagram for this example, however, the process is similar for most apps.

In the Telegram app, open the chat screen that contains the image you would like to share and follow the instructions below:


  • Tap on the image
  • Tap the share icon (bottom right corner).
  • Select the app that you want to share with, in this case, Instagram
  • The image will now open on Instagram for you to post as normal


• Tap on the image

• Tap the share icon(bottom left corner).

• On the pop-up menu tap the share icon again (now in the top right).

• In the list of apps select “Import with Instagram”

• The image will now open in Instagram for you to post as normal

Windows Phone

• Tap on the image

• Tap the menu icon ...(bottom right corner).

• Tap on ‘Share...’

• Select the app to share with it, in this case, Instagram

• The image will now open in Instagram, for you to post as normal

If there is a message along with your image, you can also share this at the same time by copying the text in Telegram and pasting it in the “Caption” box on Instagram.

What is a Telegram bot

First things first, what is a Telegram bot?

Later in this guide, you’ll come across the mention of a ‘bot’ and ‘@sendabot’, but what are these? Bots in Telegram are small programs that allow the Telegram app to connect to other platforms to send and receive items between them. The @sendabot is a way of accessing that bot’s actions from within a chat.

The @sendabot allows you to access various galleries from the dashboard including the images you have uploaded or created in the Visual Composer. This will then allow you to share those images on to other apps installed on your smartphone.

Using Telegram bots

Linking Telegram to the dashboard will now give you access to all your images, Visual Composer creations, quotes, stock image library, and much more so that you can access it from your mobile device. In this section, we’ll go through the basic commands to get you started.

To begin let’s open up a chat with yourself, see instructions below on how to do this.


• Tap the menu icon.

• Then tap the cloud icon next to your name/number.


• Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ tab.

• Tap on your contact which will be at the top of the list.

Windows Phone

• Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ tab.

• Tap ‘your cloud storage’.

There are two types of commands you can use with Telegram, chat commands, and bot commands. Chat commands are used when inside a chat with other users and bot commands are used when within the sendabot chat.

Chat Commands

You can enter these commands into the message box of any chat or you can use it to store/ backup images that you have created when chatting with yourself, ready to send to people or other platforms/apps later.

@sendabot s

Shows the last 50 designs that you’ve saved in the Visual Composer.

@sendabot u

Shows the last 50 images that you’ve uploaded to the dashboard.

@sendabot q

Will display 5 random, curated motivational quotes.

@sendabot l

Will show 50 random stock images from our extensive library. Adding a search term will display 50 images related to the search term.

@sendabot /h

This is the help command and will display a list of everything that you can do from that chat window.

Bot Commands

These commands can only be entered within the message box on the sendabot chat you added in the previous steps.


Before connecting your account this will give you help on connecting your account. After you’ve connected your account it will give you a list of usable commands.


Will start the process of connecting your account.


Disconnects your dashboard account from Telegram.

More commands may be available or added in the future, to get a full list simply use the bot command /help or chat command @sendabot /h.