“A waiting list signals desirability. Making people wait to join your community builds anticipation and makes them value membership higher.”

I know firsthand how nerve-wracking yet exhilarating it can be to prepare for a product launch. You want to make a splash, but also need to thoughtfully lay the groundwork to ensure your hard work pays off.

There's a smart growth tactic that some of the most successful SaaS companies have used to engineer urgency, hype, and exclusivity from day one - the viral waiting list.

Intriguing right? I was fascinated when I learned how some of the most successful SaaS companies like Dropbox, Robinhood, and Superhuman used this simple concept to explode their user bases before even launching.

In this post, I'll give you an inside look at exactly how viral waiting lists work and the psychology behind why they're so effective. I'll also share actionable steps, templates, and real-world examples you can model to start building anticipation for your launch.

Whether you're looking to drive sign-ups, boost engagement, or simply spark buzz among your target audience, you'll discover how a strategic pre-launch campaign gives your SaaS wings to soar from the starting gate. Let's get started!

Email Template Inviting Friends to Join Waiting List:

Subject: Join me on the [Product] waiting list!

Hi [Name],

I just signed up for early access to [Product], an exciting new [describe product] that's launching soon.

To improve my spot on the waiting list, I need to refer friends. I'd really appreciate if you could help me out by signing up here: [referral link]

[Describe benefits of product and any referral incentives]

Thanks in advance, [Your Name]

Social Media Post Inviting Followers to Join Waiting List:

I just joined the waiting list for [Product], a new [describe product] launching soon! Sign up with my link to get early access and [incentives]: [referral link]

What is a Viral Waiting List?

A viral waiting list is a marketing technique that encourages people to sign up for your product before it's launched by leaving their email addresses. However, to increase their position on the waiting list, they can invite their friends to sign up too.

The idea behind the viral waiting list is to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity around your product. Making people wait for access to the beta creates a sense of anticipation and desire. By allowing them to improve their position by inviting friends, you incentivize them to share your product with others.

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